Contractor's Private Limited Company

Oths offers complete solution for Professionals who are long term contractors and wish to establish limited company in their own name. Unlike Umbrella Company, Private Limited Company is fully owned by you, it gives you legal protection against any personal liability.

This Contractors Private Limited Company model give you full control, flexibility, suitable for those Professionals who have multiple sources of income and who wish to pursue other related business interests outside of their daily contract.

The main features of this model are as follows:

  • Fully owned by you
  • Flexible to manage and control accounts
  • Self-employed status
  • Class S PRSI Contributions
  • Tax efficient
  • Claim allowable director expenses

Oths offers the complete start-up, day to day accounting to finalizing annual accounts services for Contractors Private Limited Company:

  • Checking company name availability
  • Company Name Reservation
  • Incorporation of Private Limited Company with CRO
  • Registration of Private Limited Company with Revenue Commissioners for all taxes, inclusive of Corporation Tax, PAYE/PRSI, VAT.
  • Registration of Director’s Income Tax with Revenue
  • Accountancy Solutions
  • Bookkeeping Services
  • Payroll Management (Weekly or Monthly)
  • Advice on allowable business expenses.
  • P30 and VAT Returns
  • P35 Return and P60 issue
  • Preparing & finalising annual accounts
  • Submission of Financial Statements to CRO
  • Corporation Tax Return to Revenue
  • Director’s Income Tax Return to Revenue

Requirements to set up Contractor’s Private Limited Company are as follows:

  • Photo ID for Director and Company Secretary.
  • Proof of address, copy of utility bill.
  • P45 if worked this year.
  • Copy of work permit/visa for Non EU Citizen, stamp 4 is the minimum requirement.